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6 Horror Games for Android in 2020

6 Horror Games for Android in 2020 - Are you bored with mediocre games? Maybe it's time for you to try playing horror games. On this occasion, we will recommend some of the best Android horror games that you must try.

These games are not only fun to play, but the visual effects and sound in this game can make goosebumps on your neck. Guaranteed you will think twice if you want to play it alone at night.

1. Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion

This is a point and click puzzle game. As a player, you have to explore a haunted house to reveal a hidden secret. In fact, you will also establish communication with psychics.

In this game, you won't find a ghost that appears in front of your face suddenly, Curse Breakers is more of a casual game that carries horror elements. Curser Breakers: Horror Mansion is a free game available on the Google Play Store.

2. Slendrina

The objective of this game is actually very easy, you are only asked to find 8 lost old books. However, don't underestimate the mission, huh! The reason is, your adventure to find eight books is very difficult and filled with mystical elements. You are also asked to solve several puzzles, you know. Dare to play the Slendrina game?

3. Dead Trigger 2

After the success of Dead Trigger 1, Madfinger Games launched the second Dead Trigger series. Like the previous series, players have to fight against a lot of zombies. You will be equipped with various weapons, such as swords, katanas, and rifles.

This game is quite fun and exciting. Can you fight the zombies in large numbers by yourself? Prove it by downloading Dead Trigger 2 right now! This game can be obtained for free on the Google Play Store.

4. Reporter 2

If you want a suspenseful and horror game, try playing the game Reporter 2. Here, the player will be positioned as someone who survived the hospital due to an incident. However, miraculously, you are now taken to a house.

You see a mysterious girl who often appears and then suddenly just disappears. At first, you will feel indifferent. But then, the curiosity of the girl arises and every night you will never calm down because there will always be something haunting.


This game was introduced as a game on the PC which was later worked on to become an Android game. The game, which is one of the best games chosen by the editor, presents a thrilling horror adventure.

Here will be presented stories that are quite tense and tense. Not only that, but DISTRAINT even provided sound effects that made the atmosphere tense and creepy. Are you curious to play? Download it here.

6. The Walking Dead Season One and Two

Who doesn't know the very booming television series in various countries, The Walking Dead? Based on the success of the television series, now you can play the game The Walking Dead. In this game, you will play the role of Lee, a man who is looking for a girl named Clementine, where this girl must survive to avoid the roaming zombies.

Game Recommendations That Make You Laugh

Game Recommendations That Make You Laugh - In this day and age, playing mobile games has become a daily necessity at times when it's too late. Even so, it's not uncommon for you to find heavy games that make you think. Instead of relaxing, it becomes stressful itself. Actually, there are still many funny games that are ready to shake your stomach.

If you are confused about finding it, here are some recommendations that you can play with.

1. Dumb Ways to Die

The game, which was originally created for the train safety campaign, was once viral on social media, you know. Dumb Ways to Die has a unique genre, namely action puzzles. This game requires you to think fast by trying to help cute creatures from dying in stupid ways, such as being hit by a train, burning hair, and getting stuck in a washing machine. Even though it's game over, surely you will be addicted to playing again because there are many scenes that make you laugh.

2. Goats Simulator

The game, which was only made for a few weeks, has successfully made the players laugh. You will be a goat that moves freely, like rolling over, crashing yourself, and even licking. With a buggy game and lots of glitches, you will see a visual that looks funny and silly.

3. Toilet Time

The game, which was only made for a few weeks, has successfully made the players laugh. You will be a goat that moves freely, like rolling over, crashing yourself, and even licking. With a buggy game and lots of glitches, you will see a visual that looks funny and silly.

4. Troll Quest Game

For you meme lovers, it's incomplete if you've never played the Troll Quest Game. This puzzle game will make you think outside the box to solve it. You can just tap or swipe the screen, but you need to make each mission end funny and unpredictable. Even though it is sometimes difficult, there is satisfaction in solving it. There will be hints that you can use if you get stuck.

5. Granny Smith

Endless running games are common. The game of chasing thieves is also commonplace. However, this game is truly unique. Granny Smith has a simple story about a thief who took an apple from his grandmother. Uniquely, you will carry out the role of the grandmother and chase the thief. By using roller skates, you first need to grab the apples by going through many obstacles. Of course, this grandmother's action is very funny and invites laughter when played.

The League of Legends Game Is Spread Out and Ready to Compete

The League of Legends Game Is Spread Out and Ready to Compete - League of Legends released the latest moba game with the title League of Legends Wild Rifts, in the near future this game will be officially released. However, the latest news is that League of Legends Wild Rifts is ready to carry out a limited Alpha Test. Since it was officially introduced, this MOBA game does not provide much further information. Including the Riot Games is also still silent.

But now suddenly the surprise comes, the mobile game will enter the Alpha Test testing phase for certain regions. Through their official Twitter account, League of Legends Wild Rifts announced that they will open this Alpha Test on a limited basis.

Riot Games has selected Brazil and the Philippines to carry out the test. And the time will start next month.

Unfortunately there is no mention of why these two countries were appointed as participants in the Alpha Test League of Legends Wild Rifts.

As is known Alpha Test is a test to find bugs in a game. If you have passed, there is still a Beta Test waiting.

From these tests, you can get the latest data including bugs and errors that can be fixed by the developer team. The developer accidentally made changes that made the players unable to take the test at all. In addition, the League of Legends Wild Rifts developer also added smartphone specifications that support playing this MOBA game.

Later, the League of Legends Wild Rifts mobile game will be available for both Android and iOS. But what kind of device can play it?

The following are device specifications that can play the League of Legends Wild Rifts mobile game:

Android: 1.5 GB RAM with a minimum chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 and GPU Adreno 306.This game also supports 32 bit Android
iOS: iPhone 6 or easier
Until now, Riot Games has not provided more detailed information about the MOBA game for this mobile device.

Are you one of those who are waiting for this League of Legends Wild Rifts mobile game? Given that the MOBA game franchise is quite popular on PC.

List of the Best Offline Games

List of the Best Offline Games - This time the gameandriod list will present an article about the list of the best online games that can be played and downloaded.

Game lovers must have memorized the difference between online games and offline games. Apart from using a large enough internet, online games also cannot be stopped in the middle of the road or stored like offline games. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people to prefer to play offline games. Looking for fun offline games is not difficult, because you can easily find a list of offline Android games on the internet.

The limited quota is also a factor why offline games are played more often. In addition, complete offline games are available with various genres ranging from RPGs, wars to racing. No less exciting than online games, a number of these offline games are ready for you to play anytime and anywhere without the need to spend excess quota.

This offline game will certainly be more appropriate for those of you who are mobile and sometimes don't get a signal. Of course, you are already curious about what games to recommend. No need to linger, here is a list of Android games that can be downloaded and played offline and are definitely fun.

Plants vs Zombies 1 & 2

Surely you are already familiar with the name of this game. Yep, this game that can be played without draining the quota was very popular before the arrival of games with high end graphics. For those who don't know, Plants vs Zombies is a game where you are required to plant as many plants as possible, where the plants will fight with zombies who want to enter your house. Don't let the zombies in or you will lose.

Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game

This offline game adapted from the popular animated film is also quite fun to play for those of you who like light and not too heavy games. When playing this Minion Rush game, you as a player are asked to run to collect bananas. Apart from that, there are also special missions that can increase your score.

But of course it's not that easy, when you are on your way to complete missions and collect bananas, there are a number of distractions that will get in your way. Therefore, you have to jump frequently, dodge and get rid of the distraction.

CSR Racing

The next list of offline Android games is CSR Racing. As the name implies, CSR Racing is a game with the racing genre. The visual appearance of this game is also quite good. What's more, the models of the cars in CSR Racing have been so well designed that they look similar to the original versions.

The graphics also look real, it can be seen that the developer of this game is giving their best so that the CSR Racing game is able to make players comfortable while playing. Take it easy, both on smartphones and tablets, CSR Racing can run smoothly and quickly without interruption.

Still around games with genrebalapan, GT Racing is a game that can be played offline and has a lot of fans around the world. When playing GT Racing 2, you can choose from various upgrades to make your car perform better.

Even so, you can also play this game online and against other players. When you're not racing, you can design your car, such as by giving it new paint, new rims and others that are already available and there are also a variety of new missions that you can do every week.

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation

Become a hotel entrepreneur? It's not impossible when you play this super simulation game. Those of you who aspire to become entrepreneurs in the tourism sector are recommended to play this game. Here, you can build a hotel that suits your budget as desired.

Likewise with the hotel design and the large number of rooms. It's fun, right? In addition, you yourself will determine the type of accommodation, what are the extra services for guests, the facilities available at the hotel and much more, including the price per night for each hotel.

Virtual Pet Games with the Most Fans

Virtual Pet Games with the Most Fans - Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, along with virtual pet games with the most enthusiasts.

Raising animals does have many advantages. They can accompany us every day, be a cure when stress hits, and can be an excuse to go home.

However, not everyone can and has the opportunity to do so. Some people are too busy to care for them, don't have adequate space, or are even allergic to certain animal dander. As a result, they cannot raise animals even if they want to.

If you are one of them, there is an alternative to raising animals more safely, namely by using virtual pet games on smartphones. Indeed, the taste is not the same as directly caring for it, but at least this can be a comfort for you.

So, here are some of the best virtual pet games for Android that are worth trying!

1. Neko Atsume

This hugely popular game asks you to adopt as many street cats as you can. There are dozens of types of cats that you must unlock.
The method is easy, you just need to find what items they like. The cat will come naturally to your backyard.

2. My Boo

Instead of animals, in this game you have to raise small, round monsters. Take it easy, even so, this monster is very cute.
You have to take care of him, pay attention, and invite him to play. Even more interesting, the higher your level, the more items you can try. Starting from clothes, shelter, to food.

3. Hellopet

If you often feel lonely, try this one game! Hellopet is a virtual pet game that is quite different from the rest. You don't have to log in to see your pet.
The animals will roam your smartphone all the time. They will sleep on the homescreen to play around while you are typing. That way, you will feel always with them.

4. Cats are cute

In this game, you play the role of an ordinary citizen in Meow Town. Your mission is to find 42 cats with different looks and personalities.
In order to do that, you need to fulfill what they want. For example, by giving him food, decorating the buildings they live in, or unlocking other items.

5. Bubbu

Bubbu is your virtual pet cat. Your job is very simple, which is to maintain his happiness and health. This can be done by inviting him to play, bathe, cook, and do other activities.
Interestingly, Bubbu provides more than 30 mini games in it that you can try with the pet cat. You won't be bored if you download this one game.

6 Horror Games for Android in 2020

6 Horror Games for Android in 2020 - Are you bored with mediocre games? Maybe it's time for you to try playing horror games. On this occ...